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Fair Market Values for your Donations is Our Mission began in 2003 as the first web-based valuation software for charitable donations. Our internet-based approach gave access to anybody and everybody with a computer, regardless of the type of operating system they used. 

We've been working ever since to provide you with accurate fair market values now under a license agreement with eBay® for their completed successful auction results. 

Our goals for this website are: 

Charity Deductions
1Easy to Use

Our website should be easy to use, for any user, without the need to refer to an instruction manual. If you have a question, it should be answered by the next business day.

2Saves you Money

The cost of our website membership will pay for itself with your resulting tax savings or refund.  It will also save you money if you use an accountant or tax professional.  It's FREE to try and see if it meets your needs and saves you money.


Our reports will make it easy for them to complete your charitable deduction tax forms quickly and accurately.

3Continuous Improvement

We improve the website every year to offer new features and to enhance your online experience. We rely on you and your feedback. Please contact us if you encounter any problems or tell us what improvements you want to see in the future.

We thank you for your business! 

Please note that we do not provide tax advice. Direct these questions to or a tax professional.

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