FAIR MARKET VALUES – Fast, Affordable & Accurate

The Bottom Line - Most State Tax Laws Haven't Changed

Want to itemize – and maximize – your charitable deductions? We offer one simple software solution with two simple goals:

1 - To h 1 - To help you pay less taxes (or increase your tax refund) by getting fair market value for your charitable donations, and

2 - To protect you from the risk of an IRS audit.

3 - Despite the new changes to federal taxes, most state tax laws remain unchanged.  You can still save money by itemizing on your state tax return even if you now take the standard deduction on your federal return. 


Our donations valuation software is easy to use, and no tutorials or user guides are necessary. In just a few minutes, anyone with a computer, tablet or smartphone can quickly and easily benefit from our intuitive, user-friendly web-based software.


No more guessing – or underestimating – the worth of your donations. With our exclusive online auction database, you can be certain your charitable donations are valued accurately.

Saves You Money

Just $29.95 for an annual membership gets you full access to all the tracking, database and reporting functions our software provides. And, considering that our average customer saves over $200 each year by using our software, that $29.95 is an investment that pays big dividends.

Reduces Risk

Because our all-inclusive online auction database contains exact, up-to-date sold prices for thousands of successful, completed online auctions – and because the values we provide meet the IRS approved valuation guidelines for determining the fair market value of a charitable donation – using our software dramatically reduces your risk of an IRS audit.

Free Trial

There is absolutely no charge to try it, and no obligation to buy it: sign up here for a free trial membership. You’ll see – in just a few minutes – how easy our software is to use, and how quickly it will help you claim fair market charitable donation values on your taxes.