How It Works

Straightforward Software – As easy as 1-2-3

As complicated as doing your taxes can be, it’s good to know that itemizing and deducting your charitable contributions is easier than ever. It just takes a few minutes to realize your donations are worth more than you think.

Add Your Charitable Organizations

Your first step is to list the organizations you donate to. (You can edit, add or delete other organizations later.) Be sure to verify that you’re donating to an IRS-approved charitable organization by visiting

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Value of Items & Cash Donations

Simply list your donations, item by item. Our software instantly provides the Fair Market Value for each item, automatically tallying the worth of your charitable contributions. (You can also record cash donations and charitable mileage.)

Print Detailed Reports

At any point, you can print reports detailing what you’ve donated, and where. There’s a general Summary Report, a Tax Preparation Summary Report, and even a Donation Item list that you can print to take with you when you drop off your donations. (Just write, “See attached list” on your receipt from the charity.)

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