Deductions digitized - Software keeps tabs on your donations

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Deductions digitized: Software keeps tabs on your donations         

Written by Marlize van Romburgh       
Monday, 06 December 2010
It’s getting close to tax time, and as you start to organize your receipts to itemize your deductions, you run across notes of the thrift store donations you’ve made throughout the year: two bags of clothing, a box of books, a children’s bike, several kitchen appliances and your old couch. You know they’re worth something — but how much?
San Luis Obispo-based has created a service to help consumers and tax preparers figure out exactly that. By using a database that draws information from eBay, the service places a fair market value on non-cash donations to nonprofits.
“We’re going after the people who itemize. It’s in the millions of people who could benefit from a service like this,” said CharityDeductions founder David Anderson.

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