Tax Professionals wants to partner with you!

Let complement the tax services you provide and offer your clients' similar charitable deduction software as leading tax software programs.  Our website is a stand-alone product that is designed to quickly provide fair market values for thousands of donated items, manage your clients' charitable donations, boost their deduction and put cash back in their pockets.

  • Save your itemizing clients money - $200 tax savings on average!
  • Offset your tax preparation fee to retain your clients business!
  • Put money in your own pocket with our affiliate program!

Become an affiliate of, offer your clients' a promotional code for discounted memberships and get a master account for online access to your clients' charitable donation reports.

Join our Affiliate Program & Increase Your Cash Flow!

Custom Tax Professional Webpage for Donation ManagementIntroduce your clients to the tax-saving benefits of and earn money for every referral conversion.  It's a win-win deal!  We'll create a custom webpage (see example link), issue an exclusive promotional code for your clients to buy a membership at a discounted rate, and open a Master Account for you to access their reports online.

No monthly costs, only a one-time set up charge of $99 for a Taxpro account.

Post the link to the custom webpage on your company's website or refer clients directly to the link if you don't have a website.

No monthly costs, only a $99 set up fee to create your custom website page.

**View an Example (link) 

Contact Us and we'll help you set up this valuable tool and explain our affiliate compensation program.

Promotional Codes with Bulk Rates

Bulk Rate Charity Deductions for your clients

Ask us about setting up a promotional code for your firm good for a discounted membership.  Bulk rates are also available if your firm is going to purchase the memberships for your clients.  Roll the cost of the membership into your fee or use it for client retention.


Contact Us and we'll help you set up this up and explain our promotional code bulk rates.

Create a FREE Master Account

We offer a free master account to make it simple and easy to access your clients' reports allowing you to quickly view and print itemized summary reports of their charitable donations for the year. Save time during the tax season and access the information you need when you're ready for it.

Contact Us and we'll help you set up this valuable tool and explain our affiliate compensation program.