What the IRS Says

Protect Yourself

"How many charitable deductions can I make?"

"Are there donation values that will be red-flagged?"

"How do I know the IRS value of donated items?"

Everyone who has paid taxes has been confronted with the complexities and confusion of IRS tax codes. Some taxpayers unknowingly make mistakes when determining the value of donations, while others take unnecessary, reckless risks.

The bottom line: if you get audited and cannot substantiate the donation values on your tax return, you’re going to regret it.

That’s why we’re here.

Value Your Donations with Confidence

Because our software features a donation valuation formula tied directly to Online Auction  Data – which is supported by thousands of actual, verified online sales transactions – you can declare your donation values with complete confidence.

Our donation values comply with IRS fair market value guidelines, and – more importantly – our donation value guide has been accepted by the IRS in audit cases of our customers.

You can learn more by reviewing IRS Publications 561  and 526.