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Itemize with accurate values to increase your tax refund.

If you're like most people, it's easier to donate your stuff than it is to sell it.

Bag it up, drop it off. Done.

Then at tax time, you might claim the standard deduction, but nothing more, to avoid a scary IRS form or risk an audit.

You may have set yourself up to overpay your taxes by hundreds of dollars.

2.1 million people overpaid their taxes by an average of $438 by just taking standard deductions vs. itemizing them.

Two out of three taxpayers walk away from this money! 1

What would you do with the extra money?

Weekend family road trip?

A bigger flatscreen?

Why do two-thirds of taxpayers walk away from this money? IRS Form 8283 requires you to claim the fair market value for each item and disclose the method used to determine those values. What the IRS says…

This research can be challenging and tedious to do on your own…

Donate Smarter and increase your tax refund. has done all the hard work for you. We research current and accurate values for over 15,000 items in five condition levels so you don't have to! If the IRS asks for your valuation method, kindly redirect them to us! Would that "free" value guide you found online do that for you? No way.

All you have to do is quickly enter your donation list and print out a report for your records or CPA. And you're confidently on your way to a larger refund — and not overpaying taxes.

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“I love the ease and convenience of using! The software determines, organizes and maximizes the value of my deductions in a way that makes doing my taxes a breeze. Thank you for providing such a valuable service.”
J. Sabolski, CA
“I was dreading the several hours of work necessary to prepare my charitable contributions documentation. What would have taken me 2-3 hours only took me 40 minutes. Most importantly, was instrumental in lowering what we owed in taxes. Thanks again!”
L. Macey, NY
“We donated items from a jam-packed storage unit that included everything from antique furniture, paintings, garden furniture, tools, various clothing donations, and jewelry. I was amazed that your website included categories for everything we donated and even reminded me of things I forgot to write down. Such a helpful tool!”
R. Yamada, TX

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